KIDS Clinical guidelines

Disclaimer: These guidelines are based on best evidence available at the time of publishing. They are designed to support initial management of critically ill children. We recommend contacting KIDS on 03002001100 as soon as possible for further discussion. These guidelines do not replace medical practitioner's responsibility to ensure appropriate management based on individual patient circumstances.

The majority of these guidelines and checklists are now available on a free app for Android and iOS smart phones.  See the app page for more details. Please note, however, that the guidelines in 'app' are updated less frequently than the website.

Clinical Guidelines by condition Checklists, calculators and algorithms Useful links Specific drug monographs (BCH)
Asthma Checklist for ventilated patients Coronavirus guidance (BCH, 2013) Insulin-Glucose for Hyperkalaemia
Bronchiolitis BSPED DKA Calculator British Inherited Metabolic Disease group Calcium Gluconate
Button battery ingestion Drug infusions guide PICS standards Tranexamic Acid monograph
Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Pre-intubation checklist PICS UK website  Vasopressin
Difficult airway guideline  Neurosurgical emergency
 RCPCH - High Dependency Care  
Fluid and electrolyte therapy

Emergency tracheostomy teaching slides (NTSP)  OPENPediatrics - World Share Practice Forums  

Metabolic emergencies

 Emergency tracheostomy SOP  Massive haemorrhage (BCH)  NTS guidelines
Major Trauma (BCH)  ETT strapping (oral) technique    PDA drive through SOP
Severe Sepsis & Septic Shock  Endotracheal intubation guideline    PDA drive through proforma
Status epilepticus      Neonatal network- guidelines 2015-17

For spinal cord injuries:

Emergency referral online form for spinal cord injury patients (Oswestry), or call 0844 892 1915