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Disclaimer:  This drug calculator has been produced by the KIDS team, the BCH intensive care team and BCH pharmacists.  The calculations have been checked by our team, but this calculator is released for your use with no warranty or support.  

Please always use the latest version from this site, rather than using a saved file.  Always check the weight you have entered is correct.  All calculations should be manually checked with an appropriate formulary (e.g. BNFc).  KIDS and BCH take no responsibility for errors resulting from the use of this calculator.  

KIDS Drug calc

The KIDS drug calculator is in MS Excel format and you can click on the image to download the xlsx file. 

Please be aware that this had not been tested on tablets and smartphones and may not work on these devices.

Please feedback with any questions or queries about Version 23 released on 14/05/2019.

2 Comments on “Drug calculator

  1. Hi,
    great resource well done.

    fyi your url checklist for ventilated patients on the dug calculator page isn’t working


    1. Kevin, Thanks for your comments. I have now fixed the rogue link!
      Please let me know if you spot any more glitches. I hope you found the site useful

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